Our Program consists of several stages in your weight loss development:

Evaluation & Counseling for existing: Clinical Weightloss
Body Composition (Measuring Body Fat & Body Water)
Testing BMI (Body Mass Index)
Review Data
Patient Protocol (a Plan that best suites the patients needs)
Protocol Includes:
Diet and Nutrition
Exercise & Medical Management.
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Physician Weight Loss. In children, being obese is the result of a caloric imbalance (too few calories expended Clinic for the amount of calories consumed) Huntington NY and is mediated by genetics and health. The major reason in today’s world is people’s calorie consumption. People are eating larger portions of broadened food options that are high in fat, sugar, and calories, as well as the accessibility of significantly less healthier pre-packaged foods, fast foods restaurants, and soft drinks. Our busy lives make it harder to plan and cook healthy meals. For many of us, it’s easier to reach for prepared foods, go eat out, or to go to the drive-through. But these foods are often high in fat and calories. Portions are often too large. Work schedules, long commutes, and other commitments also cut into the time we have for physical activity. When you take in more calories than you burn off, you gain weight. How you eat, how active you are, and other things affect how your body uses calories and whether you gain weight.

If your family members are obese, you may have inherited a tendency to gain weight. And your family also helps form you’re eating and lifestyle habits,
which can lead to obesity.

How do you know if you are obese?

You can use a measurement called a body mass index, or BMI, to decide whether your weight is dangerous to your health. BMI is a combination of your height and weight. If you have a BMI of 30 or higher, your extra weight is putting your health in danger. If you are Asian, your health may be at risk with a BMI of 27.5 or higher. Physician Weight Loss

Where you carry your body fat may be as important as how many extra pounds you have. People, who carry to much fat around the middle, rather then around hips, are more likely to have health problems. In women, a waist size of 35in or more raises the chance for disease. Physicians Weight Loss In men, a wasit size of 40in or more raises the chance for disease. In Asian people, health problems are seen with a smaller waist size. In Asian women, a waist size of 32in or more raises the chance for disease. In Asian men, a waist size of 36in or more raises the chance for disease.

There is no quick fix to being overweight but you can manage Obesity?